A Church-Based Approach to Ending Family Homelessness

Someone Cared

homeless child and pet

Before Bridge of Hope, my mom and I had to live in my grandparents’ damp basement.  All my things started to get moldy and feel damp.  We couldn’t stay there because it wasn’t healthy for us.

We moved into a trailer for awhile.  I didn’t like that because it was small and we couldn’t have many personal belongings like my posters.  Worst of all, my cat, Cody, couldn’t stay with us because they didn’t allow pets.  I missed him so much.

I was very happy when Bridge of Hope and our mentors helped us to move into our own apartment.  It was nice to be able to do what I wanted again with my bedroom, and to have Cody back with us.

The mentors were so nice to my mom and me.  They invited us to do things with them, like go out for dinner at restaurants and their homes, and to go to scrap-booking night at their church.  It made me feel special that someone cared so much about us.

Bridge of Hope and the mentors helped us to get through a very difficult time, and helped us to feel better about ourselves.  My mom and I are very grateful.

This child’s mother partnered with Concordia Evangelical Lutheran Church and Bridge of Hope Lancaster & Chester Counties (PA).