A Church-Based Approach to Ending Family Homelessness

“You and your kids have 15 days to move out!”

Imagine you’re a single parent sitting at home with your two children.  The last several years have been rough but things have been looking up!  You found a good job, you’re back in school and the kids are doing great.  But then, the knock comes and you open your door to hear your landlord say those words…

You have no family or support to turn to.  And you only have 15 days.  What do you do?

This is a question that Courtney found herself asking as she closed the door and numbly turned to her two young daughters.

“This was around the time when the housing market went up.  Our landlord decided to sell our home and gave us fifteen days to find a place. I frantically began searching for a new home, putting myself on any waiting list I could.  But many places were requiring you to have an income that was 3 ½ times the cost of rent.  This was impossible for me…”

Courtney soon found herself homeless and having to accept temporary and, less than ideal, solutions for her family.  The search for a home stretched on and began to take its toll.  Her anxiety rose as she struggled to not only find a place for her children to sleep but also feed and clothe them.  To make matters worse, the stress and lack of a permanent address eventually caused her to lose her job.

“I applied for everything I could find, was praying like I had never prayed, and had such a sense of hopelessness…”

Until she got a call.

“I received a call from Bridge of Hope.  I spoke to the director and was given a lot of wonderful information into what kind of program they offered.   

Courtney went through the Bridge of Hope intake process and was put on a waiting list while other candidates were assessed.  And then…

 “I can remember exactly what I was doing and what I was wearing when I got that phone call…  [They] told me that we were the chosen family!  I was overcome with such joy, a sense of relief and a feeling of being safe.  It was such a pivotal moment in our lives.  I knew that things were going to get better from that point.”

Just a few months into the 2-year program, Courtney and her daughters are finally able to look toward a brighter future.  And all because of people like you, donating your money and your time to provide a family with a home, with a sustainable future, and with hope.