A Church-Based Approach to Ending Family Homelessness

You Don’t Have To Look Hard for Good Things

Kevin Homer

Drama, fire, robbery, violence – turn on the TV on and you find it everywhere. If the story doesn’t contain some sort of shock factor it’s not deemed worthy of airtime. Sure, the local news might close the broadcast with a 30-second spot about a fireman rescuing a kitten from a tree. But the bulk of the program is dominated by reports of wrongdoing and despair. It’s like that line from the movie Nightcrawler – “If it bleeds it leads”. With so much bad dominating the headlines it’s no wonder this world often makes us feel that it’s hopeless to change.

But ask around and you’ll find more good out there than you think. At Bridge of Hope Greater Denver we’ve been contacting local businesses and individuals to see if they want to get involved in our mission to end homelessness with single Moms. And the response we’ve received has been overwhelming positive. Christian Brothers Automotive in Highlands Ranch supports Bridge of Hope, and they’re also giving back to the community by offering service days when single Mom’s can get free oil changes. Epic Thrift Stores sponsors our annual golf tournament, and also gives a portion of their proceeds back to local charities. Unbridled Acts is a Denver-based organization that owns multiple businesses. They employ a business model where 20% of their companies’ profits go to fund charitable missions.

In addition to businesses so many people are raising their hands to volunteer to help our cause. If there’s a harder working Board than Bridge of Hope Greater Denver I want to meet them, as our members are tireless in their volunteer efforts to make a difference. We have event-day staff for the upcoming Jason Gray concert (April 29) and our 2nd Annual Golf Tournament (August 29), and a team of mentors that provide encouragement, friendship, and teach life skills to the families we serve when needed.

So take heart Colorado! It’s amazing how much good you can find if you just look around. Bridge of Hope Greater Denver is making a difference in this community, and it’s because people like you are stepping up to support the cause. Together we can make our little corner of this world a better place for everyone. I hope to see you at one of our upcoming events!

By: Kevin Homer, Board Chair