Breaking the Cycle- Aaron’s story

Aaron’s mom battled against alcoholism for several years. She fought to end her addiction because she wanted to make a better life for her son. In the midst of fighting this battle, her fiancé died tragically. When Aaron was twelve, she hit rock bottom and spent several weeks in the hospital due to health-related issues. For several months his mother fought to get clean through a sobriety program. She shared, “I prayed to God that He would take the taste of alcohol out of my mouth.” During this time, Aaron lived with his uncle and only got to see his mother on the weekends and for short visits. He wondered if this was how their life would always be. 

Aaron’s story didn’t end there.  

His mother did get sober, and shortly thereafter, she was referred to Bridge of Hope Greater Denver. Aaron and his mother moved into their own apartment. She courageously worked hard for a more stable life and has been sober for three years and no longer has any desire for alcohol. 

Through Bridge of Hope, Aaron and his mother had the stability of a home and consistent support. This stability gave Aaron the confidence to pursue his interests. He began playing football and excelled academically. His mother began moving up the ladder at her job and paying off debt.  

Today, Aaron is a model student. He has straight A’s and is on the honor roll at school. His mother has paid off over $30,000 in debt and they have a home of their own.  Aaron is involved with AVID, a program for first-generation college-bound students. The future looks bright for Aaron and his mother! 

So many in our community have suffered financially through this pandemic, and yet, through the generosity of our supporters, Bridge of Hope Greater Denver has helped more families than ever get out of homelessness. Already in 2021, we have partnered with 21 families who were facing homelessness and are now on the path to self-sufficiency. 

The new beginning, provided through Bridge of Hope, has given Aaron’s mother the stability and support to build a great career and begin again. 

The entire trajectory of Aaron’s life has been changed and the cycle of generational poverty has been broken for this family.