Frequently Asked Questions

How do Bridge of Hope Families find us?

Bridge of Hope Greater Denver has relationships with several homeless shelters and nonprofit organizations in the area. Families are referred to us or connect with us through the “Get Help” page on our website.

What is the selection process like?

Coming soon!

Do you have offices?

Our staff works remotely, but see each other regularly for in-person staff meetings. Case managers meet with families in the community and at their homes for consistent case management support.

Where do the families live?

Bridge of Hope does not own any property. To house families in our program, we partner with local landlords throughout the Denver metro area. We are always looking for more property managers willing to work with Bridge of Hope. If you would like to learn more, please email Krystal Tucker at

Do you accept items for Donations?

Due to logistical issues, we do not currently accept items for donation. If you would like to help a new family furnish their home, please consider donating gift cards to Target, Walmart, Home Goods, and IKEA. To make a gift card donation, please contact Krystal Tucker at

Do you have other locations?

Bridge of Hope Greater Denver is part of Bridge of Hope National. There are Bridge of Hope organizations in 10+ states. Click here, for a map of all our locations.